Our Equipment

Engine 351 is BST&G’s primary truck for all fire calls. The cab can hold up to 6 firefighter but can operate with a minimum of 3, a driver who is responsible for the pump, a Lieutenant who is in charge of the emergency scene, and a firefighter who is the nozzle man. It has several attack hand lines as well as 1,000′ of 5″ supply line. E351 also carries some rescue tools to operate at an auto accident until the heavy rescue arrives. It also carries an array of EMS equipment such as cardiac monitors and oxygen so we can provide emergency medical treatment until a Paramedic unit arrives. It has a Compressed Air Foam System and a light tower as well.

Engine 351 is the latest in technology with a “Green Star” system on board. This is an auxiliary power unit with a small diesel engine that automatically starts on runs all the systems on the truck, except the pump, while on extended scenes to save fuel and wear and tear on the main truck engine.

Rescue 351 is a 2008 Spartan Chassis with a body that we switched over from our older rescue. It has a full compliment of state of the art heavy rescue equipment including battery operated Hurst hydraulic rescue tools, a Paratech heavy lift airbag, an assortment of wood cribbing, Paratech stabilization struts and a full assortment of Milwaukee battery powered hand tools. It also carries an air supply system onboard to refill our self contained breathing air packs on the scene. 

Ladder 351 is a 2012 Rosenbauer. It has a 75′ aerial platform and a 2,000 gpm pump. It also carries 300 gal. of water, light tower and a full compliment of grain bin rescue equipment.

Engine 352 is a 2009 Rosenbauer with a 1,500 gpm. pump and 750 gal. of water onboard. It has a light tower and a Compressed Air Foam System for state of the art firefighting capabilities. E352 also carries all of our hazardous materials response equipment.

Tanker 351 is a 2000 International. It has a 1,500 gal. tank along with a 500 gpm. pump.

Grass 351 is a 1991 Ford F-350 with a grass firefighting skid unit. It carries 200 gal. of water along with a full compliment of brush fire tools.